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Tag 33: I'm Maniacal



When I went to pick up my second month's worth of accutane two nights ago, I discovered that the prescription hadn't been sent properly. Instead of the 70 mg intended, only 30 mg had been written in. The pharmacy needed to send in for correction through godawful facsimile.

It wasn't until the next day that I got my medication, and I was utterly displeased. It wasn't that I had to charge, for the second time, around 1k - in fact, this was great because I've only just started to build credit -, it was that I couldn't take it in the morning as I usually had. I was twelve whole hours off.

As I furiously swallowed the two innocuous orange pills, I very suddenly realized just how hopeful and at the mercy of accutane I'd become. That I've seen my skin become more matte, my breakouts cycle faster, the vanguard red of my skin placate a bit, the thought of even the slightest misstep frightened me incredibly. I just don't want to jeopardize the prospect of my person being clear.

I'll defend my accutane to the far end.

On another note, I mentioned my skin was becoming very dry in an earlier post. Well for this round, let's interpose a few extremelys into it, because - holy hannah - my skin now drinks down the incredible moisture that is my gel-cream within an hour. It's simply shocking how dry my skin is. Much as this is disquieting, however, I'll gladly take it over strangely textured, inflamed acne any day.

Things are going swimmingly, otherwise. Still doing everything I enjoy and want to. All the time, every time.

*Excuse the writing, I'm famished and therefore pressed to turn this post over fast.


Is th accutane tratment?

how is it going?

is cetaphil a good cleanser when using accutane?

what about thier moisturizer?

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