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Starting The Regimen- Day To Day Reviews And Updates On My Skin(Day7)



So... here we go. Iv been on acne.org for about a year now reading reviews on pretty much every product i buy. A little backround on my skin. I literally have tried absolutely everything from light therapy to accutane to any over the counter formulas and prescribed ones. I haven't ready as much good reviews as i have about the regimen so I decided, what the hell iv tried everything else, why not try this is as well. I have been struggling with my acne for over 7 years now. I am twenty and have had it since about 12.... so I guess that would be 8 years. I my first pimple was when i was 7 or 8 and then it went away untill the teenage years. Accutane cured my acne for about 6 or 7 months and then it progressively kept coming back. I had a lot of sucess with the "sulfur ointment" until my skin got used to it and now it doesn't do anything. So my plan is to keep you guys undated on about a day to day basis with how the regimen is working for me! This picture is how it is starting out, as you can see i mainly have acne on the lower part of my face and it the worst... Cystic acne, comedonal, you name it. So we will see! Wish me luck! Oh and my acne is extremyl stubborn so even though it may not look like a lot if it came back after accutane its one stubborn S.O.B!!!!

UPDATE: Day 3:

So i can definitely tell my acne is getting a lot better, everything is drying out and healing up, its hard to let the zits form into whiteheads and then not popping them!!! ugh, anyway iv been doing pretty well with that, until i forget i shouldn't and then pop some.... guilty pleasure, then actual guilt for fu*king up my face. Anyway, i said day one that it wasn't dry of flakey.... now it is, and its really tight and burn when i put the AHA cream on, but thank god for that thing because it works really well in moisturizing my skin. Anyway i haven't experienced the purging stage yet, so we'll see... however my face is really red unless i wear makeup, and its tight it feels a lot like when i was on accutane.. my lips are extremely dry as well. I am happy that my face is slowly but surely clearing up, and i can't wait for my skin to get used to the BP so it doesn't irritate my skin as much!! This is also a picture of day three, and my zits are drying out any i haven't had any new ones. just the one that were under the skin trying to come up are not coming out and healing. Also something iv noticed is that my comedonal acne is pretty much gone, i used to break out into comedones everyday and the white bumps are almost completely gone after three days!!! miracle, because i couldn't get anything to work before on them!!!

DAY 7:

Alriight so i am on day seven and i see a lot of improvements already! All of my big papules and pustules are gone, now i just get like one or two of the clogged pore acne, which are fine and i just pop them with a needle and napkin procedure. I am anxcious to see what my acne will look like in another week. I wish the scars would go away!! ill keep you posted!


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Have you tried more natural remedies as opposed to over the counter or prescription remedies?

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Hey!!! I have tried a lot of natural remedies... My mom is a freak about eastern medicine so iv done the tea tree oil, the oregano oil, the apple cider vinegar, Iv washed with baking soda and moisturized with coconut oil, any nothing has worked.... In fact most of those oil stuff, even though they are natural antibiotics they usually made me break out in cystic acne within a day... I just want my clear skin back!!!

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Hey I'm 21 and your acne looks really similar to mine, on your chin leading up towards your cheeks. I've just started The Regimen and so far I'm happy. Let us know how you get on. Good luck :)

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