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Hi guys! So I don't really have much to say. The skin on my face is pretty much the same, which is good. Today I only wore a tinted moisturizer and didn't go in with concealer afterwards. Surprisingly enough, the TM was enough! You could still see a couple spots, but that's ok with me, I don't really like looking like I'm wearing a mask.

I also think not wearing the concealer helped my TM stay on longer... normally my concealer would slide off by the end of the day, no matter how much I powder over it. I think the concealer would take the tinted moisturizer off with it; I don't know, is that plausible?

Because today I noticed that my makeup stayed in place all day, and I was outside in the 90 degree heat playing kickball and running and sweating for summer gym. I did get a little oily, but that didn't really affect much.

Now let's get to the nitty-gritty; my bacne. Things aren't looking so hot on this front (or should I say back? I'm hilarious, I know. :))

Anyway, I still have a looot of acne going on back there. It's so gross, and some of them are painful. My arms are also kinda bad, but nowhere near as bad as my back. I'm planning on going to the beach this weekend, so I'm crossing my fingers that the sun and salt water will work its magic!!

This ALWAYS happens, every summer I'm out in the sun and water and my back heals and gets completely clear and life is great, then fall rolls around and it comes back with a vengeance. We'll see I guess.

Stay positive guys!


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