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Painful Acne

Liam Foster


So has anyone ever had acne that hurt so bad it kept you awake at night? Mine did the other night. Was horrible, it felt like my head was going to explode. Honestly, what is it with acne! I always thought of it as spots when I was young but omg it's like a disease or something or a plague!!! The lower half of my face is pretty decent at the moment and i can honestly say im happy with it. However my forehead, jeesh, the worse i've ever seen it. I have cluttered up acne everywhere on my forehead, really really red! It's so painful. Really dont have a clue how to get rid of that. If i could only get rid of the acne on my forehead, i would be over the moon. And today i saw that i had really miniscule tiny little spots under my left eye which i thought was strange as i have never had spots there before. Hopefully they wont become severe. I go back to uni in a month and i know for a fact that my acne will still be there which i didnt want when i came home 3 months ago. It seems that doxy has cleared up my back acne and shoulder acne. I still get chest acne but not as bad as before. I just want to cut my bloody hair lol. until my forehead gets better, that wont be happening


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hey I've been following your posts and I want you to look at my newest pictures in my gallery and the pictures i took 3 months ago when i found this site. My acne was really bad, under the skin and painful. my son is 2 and when he would accidentally bump my face sometimes i'd almost cry because it hurt so bad. I went on accutane but after a month and a half my hair started falling out. So I stopped taking that and started the regimen. I also decided to try going gluten free b/c i heard that if your allergic to gluten that your skin will break out like crazy. My skin is almost 100 % clear now and it's only been 3 weeks. The regimen and being gluten free has done more in 3 weeks than countless antibiotics and topical creams that i've been prescribed over the years. The weird thing is, gluten never bothered my stomach, it only made me break out. Just a thought, maybe give it a try, you'll know in 2 weeks if it's working

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I have been following your posts too haha. I must say your face is looking amazing! And i have done tonnes of research about gluten etc but being only 19 and at uni etc I dont know what to eat on a daily basis because they're are tonnes of food that contains gluten. Also i do want to try the regimen, are you using dans products?

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No I tried dans products but they didn't work for my skin. I do the regimen but I use cetaphil extra gentle cleanser and their moisturizing cream and the nuetrogeana on the spot acne treatment. It's cheaper to just buy fans benzoyl treatment though because it lasts way longer, I go thru a tube of nuetrogeana every 4 days and at 7 bucks a pop it gets expensive. I thought going gluten free would be hard too but actually you only really cut wheat out of your diet. I mostly just eat meat and veggies and a lot of Mexican food lol. I don't have to be strict with it either, once a week I eat a normal meal and I don't break out. I don't have one zit on my face right now and after a year of hell I would gladly trade wheat for clear skin. Give it a try, I garuntee if it works you won't even want to go back to your normal eating habit

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Thankyou :) I will try. With being at university im not a very good cook and all i eat is pasta which I know contains gluten however you can get gluten free pasta but have to get it offline :( and I dont eat bread or wheat very often anyways.

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You are all so good looking even with some pimples. I have acne conglobata, and some of my cysts are cm's high. No joke. Its horrible. I had one on the corner of my mouth too and i could only drink soup through a straw for weeks. Im at uni too and no-one i know has acne, they get a few pimples but its not acne.

The only thing that gets me thorugh it all is the fact that i have a bf who loves me no matter what.

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