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2 Months On Tetracycline



Now been 2 months on Tetracycline! My forehead, nose and chin have always been the most attacked areas, but they are definitely clearing up while on tetracycline. But my jawline and cheeks (especially my left side) are attacked with red marks. I think that my skin can’t keep up with a normal razor, so I’m going to try an electric razor. I don’t drink or eat any dairy, which my family has been supportive with (cut off the cheese in different meals, buy soy/rice milk instead of cow milk etc.).

My regimen is:


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitive Moisturizer


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Epiduo BP 2,5 %

Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitive Moisturizer

Tea Tree Oil to my back

My bacne is totally clear besides some scars, and I’ve been a lot in the gym in the last 2 months while on tetracycline and gained 2 kilos of muscles. I’ve always been really shy to show my body because of the bacne, but not now!

Roskilde Festival is coming up soon. It’s the biggest festival in Denmark. I hope my skin can hold up the 9 days, because it’s going to be with a lot of beer and no real opportunities to keep up a normal regimen. I was also at Roskilde last year and my skin didn’t really break out, so I hope for the same this year.


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