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What I Do For A Clear Skin (After 18 Years Of Struggle-3 Years Of Severe Acne)



Hello everyone,

Even though I have been reading acne.org for years, this is the first time I am writing anything. Well, because I had not much progress throughout the years since lately. I am 30 and have been suffering from acne since 12 I believe. Well had been :)

I tried almost everything (excluding accutane). Finally, I found a great combination for my acne problems. I got most fo the ideas from acne.org forums (I don't remember the names but the credit belongs to those great people who inspired me).

So what do I do in a regular day:

1. wake up, do juicing with 3 carrots (or 1 sweet potato) +1 cucumber + ginger + 2 celery + 1 apple

2. allow body to absorb for an hour then drink 24 oz of water (750 ml)

I believe this has been cleansing my body (detox).

3. wash face with cetaphil cleanser for all skin types (even though I am oily, the oily type is too drying)

4. tone my face with a bag of green tea soak in warm water (this is amazing and gets rid of all the redness on my face every bit of redness!!!)

5. put sunscreen (coppertone spf 30 for face, even when I am at home I still put it bc uv rays are able to get thru glass)

6. eat healthy throughout the day! (no dairy, as low sugar as possible, no processed anything, only lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts)

7. drink a total of 72 oz or 2.25 litre of water at least! (why this much bc my BPA free water bottle holds 24 oz so 3 X 24 = 72 oz)

8. take 1 multivitamin and 1 probiotic (just in case I am missing any nutrition or having any inside problems like constipation)

9. at night wash face with cetaphil, put a new green tea bag all over the face to tone, and put some reviva glycolic acid day time moisturizer (it has glycolic acid in it 5%, it helps to keep acne at bay and helps with the texture of your skin, I can not prove it is doing something for sure but feels like it is) or you can just put moisturizer if you like

10. once a week or once every other week dermaroll my face with a 1.5 mm dermaroller (it has hepled with my deep rolling scars tremendously, I was using 1 mm for 5 months but now that I switched it has been more amazing)

11. once a week do a 50% glycolic acid peel (i do it myself at home, I was doing lactic peel but I just swithed to glycolic since all derms are saying it is great and stuff and I guess it is)

12. if i feel like it i sometimes do a hydrating mask or clay mask depending on how i feel or how flaky or oily my skin is (you dont have to but I like it bc I am a girlie girl :)

well, I guess these are the most important stuff that I do. and you can not believe how tremendously my face changed. I even went out without makeup for the last two times or so. It is amazing and I am happy.

I guess I messed up my whole body for years. why? because I lived to eat yogurt my whole life which is good for you but I guess I was intolerant or smth and we eat it 3 times a day since it is our tradition and most beloved food. I was eating kind of healthy before I moved to USA so my acne was never this bad since I was 24. then I moved to US and started to eat microwavable dinners and lots of snacks and sugary stuff. and of course lots of dairy since it was my comfort food. at first it was not bad. but at the 3rd year I was here, my face broke out so bad, it left tons of pitted and rolling scars. I guess my body tried to put up with the crap as much as it could and then broke down. I took me another 3 years to figure out what was wrong and how I got to this place of horror. anyway, finally I am comfortable enough to share my story and methods with you. If I can help even 1 person, this horror was worth it. I hoping to have an amazing skin in the next 6 months or so. (all my deep scars will be filled hopefully and redness is already 90% gone and I do not seem to get any cystic acne anymore unless I eat out. who knows what they put in the food) I got 2 whiteheads recently, I believe I got them bc I did not exfoliate for a long time and my skin got clogged with makeup or oily sebum. no biggie bc they went away in a day.

yesterday I decided to go vegan. I already was eating healthy for a long time but I wanted to go vegan due to me being animal and eco friendly. also my job and passion is environmental related too. but i feel like it is not working for me I might introduce 2 organic eggs and 2 pieces of turkey breast per day for breakfast with once in a week salmon sandwich dinner back into my diet. so we will see!

I hope you find my story helpful or inspiring or something, anything. I wanted to post in a forum but the website did not let me so I tried here. I hope you can see and read and comment. I will be checking the responses. good luck! and thanks to the users here on acne.org who inspired me to take a probiotic and do juicing!

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Hey everyone,

I see that over 200 people read the post but noone commented on it yet. Com'on lets talk.

Anyway the reason I am writing is I started using this foundation (MUFE HD) and it messed up my skin :(. The first 3 days there was nothing fourth day I had huge pimples. I guess it clogged my pores. I stop using it. Back to mineral makeup when I really need to doll up.

Bye for now.

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