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Progress With The Regimen



So I've noticed a huge difference, like unbelievable difference with the regimen and being gluten free. I've been doing the regimen for a month now, maybe a little longer and i've been gluten free for almost 3 weeks. Holy cow it's amazing. I have a ton of red marks on my face right now but only 2 pimples and they are going away so fast. Gone are the days of my under the skin painful cystic acne. I cannot begin to describe my relief but also frustration. I asked my doctor if i could do a food allergy test and he said that he didn't think that my acne was because of food. So I decided to try it on my own. Why didn't he reccomend this before the accutane?! I couldv'e saved myself alot of hair! Sometimes i wonder how they get a phd. Anyways, been using nioxin for about a week now and i have seen an improvement, at least it's not falling out as quickly as before. So i'll finish my rant but here's some new pics.


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