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Fck It. Im Living My Life



My dad called me ugly last night. So i was crying the whole night. Woke up early the nxt morning ..breath in the fresh air. felt so alive again. so i thot "screw it! im done looking at mirror 24/7" So im gonna try stop being depressed abt my red cheeks and let it recover n let those strangers stare n tell off anyone who ask me abt my cheeks. Im gonna stop living lyk a depressed bitch and gotta hav the attitude to stand up bcoz im human n i deserved to be treated lyk one!!!!

Im so angry ryt nw. ><


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Sorry to hear that. What your Dad said is horrible! Don't believe a word of it, it's not worth letting it stop you. Don't be angry though, just focus on yourself and see if you can find a new positive approach to things. I think that half the time, it's all about our outlook. Even if we have to work on our skin at the same time, it's not beating ourselves up about it actually does us any good so it's better to try and enjoy things and try to be who we want to be, regardless. :)

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Don't listen to your dad hes a fool if he could utter those words to his daughter. Your beautiful with and without acne just think how much of a stronger person your going to be when all this crap is be hide you i wish you all the best and don't take those insults to heart all the best and hopefully your dad will realise the error of his ways and apologize if not who cares there's tones more people out there in the world who love you for who are. stay strong smile.png

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