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Reintroducing Dairy After 3 Months, B5 Update



This wont be too long as im on my phone. Also excuse the spelling and likely mistakes.

I cut dairy completely 3 months ago, i would usually have 250mls(a glass) of milk a day with my oats and the odd piece of cheese. During the three months that i cut dairy i dont think i ate any at all, i made sure there wasnt dairy in any of the sauces, toppings etc of whatever i ate. Personally, i dont think cutting dairy had any effect on my skin. During the last three months there have been 'good' and bad patches and dairy had been out of the equation the whole time. Also in the past i didnt see any correlation between dairy heavy time and bad skin.days or light dairy consumption and better skin days. So i dont think dairy has much affect on my acne and though it wasnt overly difficult for me to cut it is good to know.

Since my last entry ive also been experimenting with b5, started at 3g for a week then 4g for a week and now im at and will stay at 5g for the foreseeable future. There was a period where i thought i was starting to get results but then i broke out again. It hasnt changed my skin much but if i had to say if i was noticing anything it would be a slight, emphasis on slight, oil reduction. Slight.


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