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Maybe There's A Miracle In Dianette?!



so it's been a while.

i have some progress...

tomorrow is my last day on the pill for month four! it's been so quick! anyway - what i wanted to say was those little spots died down eventually and my face is slowly beginning to clear up! i am happier than i have been - a bit more confident and my birthday is less than two weeks and i dont think i'll be that paranoid about the pictures! hallelujah!

aside from the chin spot i got which i'm scared about because i think i feel another brewing ! :/ anyway this chin spot was underneath my lip = gross or what and it was only a little yellow pus spot before it erupted into a mountain of a spot underneath my lip of all places! it's taken four days to calm down! it has though which is good since it took a week to brew - gross out or what!

i'm more in good humour over my spots now - i say spots i mean scars with the seldom occasion spot...for now. maybe the pill is finally working?! i'm getting more compliments on my face so hopefully by the time month six comes around i might be a brand new person!!!

fingers crossed...i still think sulphur soaps are beneficial! recommend to everyone. EVERYONE!


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