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Day 25.....



Hi guys!

Hope you're all hanging in there. My face went so downhill..... ))))): It was all clear but then my chin broke out and now the rest of my face decided it would be fun to break out as well!! Oh well -____- I have almost been on this for a month!! Im getting so mad because I was so excited and optimistic because my skin has been nice for this last week, but right when I was getting high on this new skin, it gets terrible again!

I give up. ): I hope this month is the worst and month 2 will be better! Going to the derm on the 25th.


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It's not unusual for people to break out the first month. I'm right behind you in week two.... Hang in there hun

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I broke out at the beginning of the 2nd month an it took another months for it to go away. It happens to some people and it is to be expected:) It is going to be ok, do not despair. With best wishes, xxx:)

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aww sorry to hear that but stay strong. WE can do this. IM officially on it day 1 today :)). So Yeah GOODLUCK AND KEEP AT IT. xx

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