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Week 4? Picture Update

I started working a new job last week and have been very stressed. The acne seemed to be getting better for awhile, but I went out drinking a few nights ago and woke up with some more cysts sad.png Some days I feel like I'm on the right track, and then other days I feel like it's getting so much worse.

I've been wearing much more make-up than I usually do this past week and I'm sure that's not helping anything. But I have to wear makeup at work! Arg.

I started washing my face with Jojoba oil. It's definitely bringing stuff up quicker. I was told that I might not see improvements until a month or two. I'm going to keep using it and see how it goes. I'm still using some topicals occasionally on my face from the dermatologist. I'm also still on Spironolactone and Birth Control. I stopped taking antibiotics over a week ago.

The right side of my face was acne free (just tons of hyperpigmentation) about a week ago, but 3 cysts popped up recently sad.png I definitely get clusters of acne when I get cysts. Why is that? Also, it seems like the acne gets bad on one side of my face and then it gets better... and then the other side of my face gets bad. So strange.

I'm not really eating any dairy, but I am eating a lot of wheat/gluten. Wondering if I should cut back and see if it affects anything. For now I'm going to keep my diet the same, but I should remember to take my multivitamin every day. My eating hasn't been great this past week and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting all the nutrients I need. I haven't had any time to exercise, but I'm hoping to get into a schedule soon.


I am tryi g to give up gluten too! beers have gluten, so be careful. Green tea helped with my acme flare up recently. I brew it, drink it and then put the tea bag on inflamed skin. Worth a try!

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Thanks! I'll definitely try the green tea idea. I've also been using cucumbers, which help a lot with inflamation.

Yes, beer always makes me break out. I need to just stop drinking it, but it's hard in the city during the summer!

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