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Weeks 1-2



Hello All!

I am an 18-year-old girl with a family history of chronic acne and have been breaking out since I was nine years old. My height is 5' 11" and my weight is 130 pounds. After finally becoming frustrated enough with my skin I made a dermatologist appointment and was prescribed minocycline (an antibiotic) and two different topicals (one was tretinoin cream, forget what the other one was). After being on this regimen for two months there was a dramatic difference and I wasn't breaking out as much anymore. My face still had plenty of blackheads and breakouts, however. At the two month mark I asked my dermatologist to prescribe accutane and she was very hesitant to do so because of the improvement in my skin. She ended up putting me on a very low dose (20 mg). Do you guys think this will be enough to take care of my acne? I feel like it is too low for my weight.

Weeks 1-2

My skin is less oily, and so far I've avoided that initial phase of breaking out worse than before (but I don't want to jinx that!). I can see quite a few blackheads surfacing and my skin is a bit dry. Other than that, I couldn't be happier! My skin is starting to glow and I've gotten compliments on my skin (which, believe me, never happens!). I did have an intense cramping pain a couple days ago which has never happened before (could it be the accutane?). That's all I have to report so far, hopefully I'll see more changes happening soon. I've heard that blackheads pop out of your skin after awhile? Yikes!

Please comment with your stories, and believe me, you are not the only one suffering from acne. It can be very difficult at times but remember that inner beauty is much more valuable than what's on the surface of your skin.... Keep your head up high!


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