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The Very Middle Of Month 4! Summing Up The Tane Experience



I will sum up what has happened during my taking of the accutane, maybe it might be interesting for some people who are about to start this drug.

I am 33, have type 1 diabetes, suffering from acne since 12 y.o I feel I was born with acne cause I do not remember myself without that sh't on my face. My skin has no pores and is very very white. I get lots of pigmentation from acne....i am a human asian leopard. I am not a picker but my doctor tells me that I am!!!! Oil on my face used to be a distinctive feature of my face. I was vitamin A deficient since childhood but no one ever told me it will lead to have an ugly face at the age of 12. I am 176cm tall, 65kg.

I am a vegetarian who etas fish. I do yoga and swimming. I do not drink or smoke. I am not very social due to my unattractive face so I spend all my time reading, playing piano and doing beautiful art, I excel in it:)

I started accutane almost 4 months ago on the dose of 30mg(first 2 months) with these side effects:

dry lips, drinking much water, some minor head aches

my face was completely oil free by the end of 1st month and I thought it was doing great until that IB happened on the 2nd week of the 2nd month. That piece of devil's art on my face lasted almost a month and 1/2!!! It was painful to look in the mirror at that time. (please refer to my older posts for dramatic details;)

Month 3 and 4 I was upped to 40 mg. During that time I had much clearer skin with patches of it being truly praiseworthy, haha

My lips continue up to this day being a complete mess even though I use a lot of aquaphor.

I had days with very sensitive gums and brushing my teeth was a torture. I also had pink eye in both eyes but managed to cure it with OTM. The corners of my mouth appear to be cracked and that does not heal well at all, I am having that for the last 4 weeks. Sometimes my eyes get very dry. I have pale brown, dry patches of skin along my spine.

I have 2months to go before I see my dermatologist again.

Overall, my skin has improved greatly, acne which was active dried out and peeled leaving small scars.

I do not get any breakouts during my period. In fact, after IB went away there was nothing new popping out.

I was thinking to have a career on screen playing monsters without special effects but that seems to be no longer possible as I am looking rather human and pretty at the moment.

I did not get any mood swings as I was born depressed anyway:)

to be continued.....watch this space........

with all the best for all of you!:)

If you have any questions do ask if not, hope you enjoyed the read.

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today marks my second day of being on accutane. (well kind of 1.5 really...need to take the other pill later today). I was given a dose of 20mg for my first month and may or may not up dosage. It's only been this long, but I wish I was at the 2 or 3 month mark already :(

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