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On The Road Update!



Hey hey hey! So as the title suggests, this entry was made on the road. We're on our way home from Chicago and I thought I'd pop in.

Sorry about not getting back to you about the moisturizer last night; it's the Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizer.

So on to today's update. My skin has improved in that all my picked spots are scabbed over, and the redness has gone down. They're also smaller in size, so woohoo!

I'm afraid for my back though (yep, I have it there too, as well has my upper arms and shoulders), because I was sweating buckets and my back was, of course, covered by my dress and wig.

I realize that sounds odd, so to explain, I'm an Irish dancer! :)

Tonight I'm planning on using a glycolic wash in the shower for my back, and then going in with retin-a. Hopefully it'll do it's thing.

Annnd that's all for now guys, catch ya on the flip side!


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