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Photophoto Blog :)



Okay guys, so I put some better pics up of my acne, the other pics I put on were mainly blurred redness but Ive been using my better camera for pics

There are a few pics that ive been taking since day 1 on freederm - already seeing the difference !!

During these few days I had a right nasty cyst underneath my eye :( these things normally take up to 3 weeks to go away - but the freederm brought it right out super quick , I'm now treating with sudocrem as I find it helps spots heal 10x faster as well :)

Im still getting little tiny papules of spots appearing but you can see there arent so many and the redness is going down

yay :D

This could al be just a dip in the 'hormonal cycle' so Im not so spotty but I'll keep it up for the next 3-4 weeks and carry on photo blogging to see what happens !


at one full week I'll be adding a close up image bank so you can compare the differences to the first set :)

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Hey, I'm James how do you do!.....I'm new to this site and tried uploading my pic and data but it won't let me validate for some reason Ahhhh. Well any I'm 29 from the South of England, Porsmouth area. I've been battling this acne shit for years and found only one thing works for me. I went to the Doctors and he gave me Lymecycline tablets, they get straight to the point if you know what I mean. And while I'm here can I just say you're really bloody beautiful.

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Your skin looks pretty mild as there is not too much inflammation which is great.

Its only been a week and you can notice results then thats awesome.

Sudocream or savlon both seem to work well in terms of healing i find.

Stay positive and keep us all updated :)

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