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Starting On Head And Shoulders Shampoo Therapy.

(First of all - hi. I'm Kitten. Nice to meet you! :) )

Quick background info on my skin. I have had bacne and chest acne for like... 3 years now? So I have a lot of sucky scars and stuff. Unfortunately, all the doctors will give me are rubbish antibiotics that do not work (Oxytetracyline and Erothromycin - spelt wrong!). I have never had facial acne, my face is pretty clear apart from the odd teenage spot. So I have to be thankful for that.

On a scale of low to severe, my acne is medium. The scars, however, are severe.

Today, I started on the Head and Shoulders therapy. I gently exfoliated all acne-fied areas with the Classic Clean shampoo whilst in the shower, and then - after drying my skin - applied a thin layer and allowed it to dry before getting dressed. I also repeated this with my face, as I have a few very small pimples under the skin. I didn't notice an incredible difference in my back after washing, but my face, however, felt really smooth and the pimples looked less red - maybe it was my imagination, but I sure hope not!

I was expecting it to be itchy and uncomfortable, but so far there's been no adverse reaction. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad, just because when my skin gets all irritated I tend to think the treatment is working better. :P

Fingers crossed! Anyone else had success with Head and Shoulders? How did you use it?


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