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Honestly Give Up.

Liam Foster


So i've been to the mill and back and im afraid to say that acne has finally beaten me. I cant do this anymore. Nothing i do makes the slightest bit difference! No creams, no pills, eating healthy, nothing. I have wasted nearly all my student grant on creams and pills etc that hasnt done nothing. Just when you think oh it could be getting better, it just gets 10x worse the next day. How can my skin go from near enough clear to shockingly bad in just under a year!! Yet i still do all the same things i did then that i do now. However now i eat much healthier but still nothing. Whats going on!!? I just dont know anymore. When i had decent skin where i could go outside and socialise, i used to eat junk food all the time, drink alcohol, never wash my face with any type of facewash and people what say 'oh but you were young' this was only last fucking year! It's unexplainable how bad my skin has got in such a short period of time! Every fucking day i look at everyone i see, and not one person not one! has any spots at all!! Druggies, lowlife scum who you can clearly tell dont look after themselves have clear skin! What do I have to do! Everytime i go to the doctors they just say the same shit and pretend they know what they are talking about when they dont, then give me some shitty pill or cream. I am so angry right now you dont even know! I spend all my time in this house never going out because i cant!! People say oh they're are far worse things in the world, yes there are, however Im not bothered about other people, i am just concernded over myself and my well being and if this doesnt budge i dont know what ill do. Like the amount of stuff i have taken that apparently helps, hasnt done anything to my acne, in fact they have gotten worse!!! I get new acne every day! Back of my neck, chest, back, you name it. WHY!? It is a constant daily struggle to cope with life at the moment. My forehead really hurts too, i never get whiteheads, just stupid fucking needless pimples what grow and grow and get more red and more hurtful. Cant do this shit anymore, i wanna literally rip my face off


wow! What you just said is literally the story of my life! lol...LITERALLY! I had clear skin last year and out of nowhere, NOWHERE my skin was like "i feel like f*cking up her face"... Ive tried everything and i dont go out either....i feel aweful...and yes I would love to rip my face off too....i'm on minocycline right now...did you try that drug? its an antibiotic, ive taking it for alittle over 2 weeks and i havent seen any progress yet...argh.

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acne is a pain and emotionally it really beats you down! Dn't give up hope though as THERE is a way for your skin to be clear.

It takes a long struggle of trial and error to get what you want but it is definitely do able.

If you have tried most things a derm referral from the doc is your next step and they can help you find a treatment that works it maybe a cream or roaccutane.

Many people who have acne feel like this, you are not alone and its good to get it all out of your system.

keep your head up :)

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Thankyou, I am going to finish my course of doxy off and try to get to see a derm about accutane or whatever it is. I know the side effects however i honestly cant cope with this anymore, i will do anything just to have no acne! im not even fussed if i have acne scars! as ling as the red massive pimples go away!

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Have you considered a food allergy test? Sometimes it's just something stupid like an intolerance to specific foods (citrus fruits, soy products, dairy, gluten, to name a few). And then, whatever pill you pop, or topical you apply, it's possible that you won't be able to get rid of your acne. If it's covered by your insurance, I'd just ask my doc for it. Accutane may be a good option for you, too, but if you can avoid it by avoiding trigger foods (assuming that's what's causing your acne, of course), then a test could be worth it. At least it would make the decision to take Accutane a bit easier, I suppose. Whatever you decide, please try to keep your chin up, alright? Stress doesn't help. Good luck, man!

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I've already tried an allergy test mate. I was intolerant to strawberries, cod, wheatgrass and other crazy things. I dont eat them anymore. The problem i have is my forehead. It's so bad!!!! the rest of my face is healing and keeping at bay. I just dont know how to clear my forehead!

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