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Before Accutane And At The Start Of Month 5 Pics!



I don't really have much to say since I just posted a couple days ago and as for my skin, i'll let the pictures do the talking. surprised.gif


This first one was a coupe days after I started accutane. My skin was never horrible but you can see the oilyness and im breaking out on my chin a lot.


This was I believe in March so one month after starting accutane. Still oily, and have a couple pimples. I have make up on in this and the previous one. I didn't really take any designated photos for this haha.


This is the end of April. (Please don't mind my nakedness lol) Have a few bumps on my cheek and i'm still a little oily. I actually broke out pretty bad a little bit later this week which sucked because I was on vacation in Florida. No make-up on in this one.


Last but not least, this is me today. I look scruffy because I just woke up haha. No make-up on and I haven't even brushed m hair so don't make fun of me lol! Obviously a huge improvement. This is 3 days into month 5, which according to my doc is most likely my last month! rolleyes.gif

Questions, comments, concerns? Voice them! I love hearing from everyone!


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If you're going to roll out of bed and take a picture without brushing your hair, the least you can do is let us make fun, just a teeny bit! :P

Your skin's looking wonderfully clear, great improvement! Even if your acne may not have been severe, if your issues with your skin are enough to bring you down then it's only logical that you'd want to fix things. In that respect, I reckon you can be very happy indeed with how things have turned out. :)

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as paul said, the improvement is awesome.

Regardless of how bad each individuals acne is it still effects us all emotionally.

Looks like your on the home straight now all the best for a bright and clear future :)

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Thank you all so much! There is definitely a huge improvement and I am so thrilled. The main point of this really wasn't to show off my success though, it was to give everyone else hope, and I hope I've accomplished that. I'm also glad that I'm not viewed as crazy for having gone on Accutane when my skin wasn't all that bad haha, that makes me feel better!

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Congrats! Your face looks great! My doctor told me I should be on only about 5 months as well (I am on day 5) and I am so anxious to be abe to post pictures like that!! Was the entire process smooth for you? As in, did you have an Initial Breakout? Or did you just get clearer and clearer? How was the dryness? Joint and/or back pain? Just trying to stay positive that maybe not everyone suffers so severely from these side effects (and then hopefully I will be one of those people who doesn't too lol).

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