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Starting The Regimen



Hey! eusa_angel.gif I'm fourteen and man, do I have a lot to say about acne. My dad told me about this website about a week ago, and I finally feel like I'm not alone. I've delt with acne since I was about eight or nine, being now and then bullied about it. So, it didn't make me feel so great ermm.gif . Everyone started questioning my hygiene when I probably washed my face more than they ever will. (And maybe the problem was that).

I have tried EVERYTHING. I would go to the doctors and they wouldn't even look at me more than ten seconds before handing me some retin a which tears off a layer of skin. And when i would go to the cosmetics section of a store to find something, a lady would try to sell me a product to make my acne better to stop applying makeup to my terrible skin. I literally started screaming at her because she thought she had the answer to this never ending circle of madness. I've also tried not eating chocolate and not wearing makeup for two weeks which did NOTHING.

So I am PRAYING that this regimin Dan has made will work. It's been three days, but still i feel like it's working. I'm using it correctly and washing my hands every time i touch my face and i can see my occuring pimples shrinking overnight. I feel like I've felt something, maybe it is the answer, I will let all you guys know how week one and two goes. Maybe I will know how it is to have normal clear skin.rolleyes.gif


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