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Accutane Hairloss



so I've been off accutane for 18 days now and the hair thinning continues. My skin is slowly getting better and better with the regimen but now i just feel really self conscious about my hair. I'm writing this as a warning for people who are taking or considering taking accutane. I specifically asked my doctor about this side effect. I had read some reviews where people had this happen. His words: "i have prescribed this medicine to hundreds of patients and have only seen this side effect a couple of times. This was in patients who already had thin or thinning hair to begin with, your hair seems pretty thick so i wouldn't even worry about it." thanks doc. I understand that I am the one who took this medication, i chose to do this knowing very well the side effects. It's not my doctors fault, i know. I just want someone to be mad at I guess. I purchased the nioxin shampoo kit and have been using it for two days. My only worry is that I have to wash my hair every day with it and my hair is already dry from the accutane. I still am not producing oils on my scalp. The part that sucks the most is that my sisters weddding is coming up in august and i'm her maid of honor. I was hoping to have clear skin for it and now i have bad skin and thin hair. My hair was my crowning glory, even when my skin was bad and i felt like crap at least i had nice hair. So just be wary and understand that this IS a side effect and it can happen to anyone, even if you have a big bushy mane of hair.


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Hi, sorry to her about your hair, I hope it gets better soon. What were your doses of accutane? Did you use Dan's regimen while on accutane? Thanks for your answers in advance:)

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Rub coconut oil on your head a few times a week! Your hair is probably falling out because your scalp is dry. Rub the coconut oil in and leave it for an hour, or overnight.

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not sure if your reading the comments but some one the forum had the same issue and is using Selson Blue (anti dandruff shampoo) and taking biotin.

Maybe you could have a look into them

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Yeah I was doing the regimen too and still am. I have seen more results with the regimen I think. I am using nioxin shampoo so hopefully that will help.

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Hi i know this was a few years ago, but I am in the same boat right now and was wondering if your hair grew back? how did the Nioxin work for you? 

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