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Day 28



Today is Day 28

I've read that initial breakouts (two rounds) are normal. For me, breakouts are pretty common so I'm not at all surprised. Yes, skin is definitely worse than before I started Accutane -- with a lot of bumps, acne with pus (cysts?) and without pus, whiteheads and blackheads. I've attached two pictures here which say more than a thousand words (not sure if it works).

Strangely, I've read that at this stage, Accutane users should have peeling skin already. The "superstar" dermatologist, whom I would love to call "The One" (I mean he wore gold coloured shoes and tight flowery shirt while in his 50s!), told me I would only get chapped lips as a side effect.

Which is true so far. He didn't really warn me about the breakouts but anyway, that's history.

Being on this skin regime is pretty troublesome though. I've to wash my face in the middle of my work day which can get really embarrassing at times.

First, I ended up splashing water all over the toilet floor each time I washed my face.

Second, after washing, I would hide in the cubicle to apply the magic cream and my medicated concealer (to avoid bumping into my colleagues). And as you know with breakouts like that, I tend to take a long time to cover up.

Third, when I finally walked back to my table (my office is an open concept one) with my facial bag after a long time, everyone eventually knew what I've been doing.

So much for "covering up"!


I pretty much like to treat my Accutane story as a joke though.

I've been through bad skin days anyway, so nothing can be worse.

Yes, confidence dipped low especially when I have to go for client meetings often, but I guess I have to face it.

I would like to share this because I think there are others like me around and I hope whoever is going to take this log as a reference later on, will feel happy to be on Accutane.

I've never been a positive, confident person and it's a result of half a lifetime of acne problems. It definitely affected my self-esteem and I suffered from social problems too.

But after going on Accutane, I've decided that life is more important than acne.

I guess only through bitterness do we know what sweetness is all about.


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