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Half A Lifetime Of Acne




I started on Accutane around a month ago (12 May 2012). And ever since then, I've been reading up on its benefits and side effects. Thanks to this message board, I get to refer and read several cases similar to mine.

To cut a long story short, I am 29 years old, Singaporean female and have been suffering from acne for 15 years. I've tried many products on the shelves, facials, antibiotics and many other treatments, but they never worked for long.

9 years ago, I was prescribed Clindagel and it worked wonderfully for me. Except for the occasional zits and extremely oily skin, my skin felt okay. Until about a year ago, my hormones started to change -- I'm starting to get very painful acne on my chin and jawline. That's when I realised Clindagel no longer worked for me.

I decided to stop Clindagel once and for all (which resulted in very bad consequences) and started using facial products that are supposed to guarantee clear skin. I even went on Traditional Chinese Medicine, thinking I can detox my body once and for all without injecting poisonous chemicals in my body. I spent a bomb on facials and some phototherapy light sessions that don't work for me at all.

Finally, I went to a "superstar" dermatologist and he prescribed me Accutane. I didn't really want it initially, but he seemed to be rushing for time and said since nothing worked for me, this could be the last resort. Well, I don't love my dermatologist for sure, but reading this log and the successful cases made me feel I've made the right choice.

Daily Regime

The creams with difficult names are prescribed by dermatologist.


Wash with cleanser

Apply hydrocortisone

Sunblock (SPF 35)

Medicated concealer


Wash with cleanser

Apply fluticasone

Sunblock (SPF 35)

Medicated concealer


Wash with cleanser

Apply "Sky Blue" moisturiser (also a prescription)

Take before bedtime

- Acnotin 20mg

- some green pills called BOS

- Oral Enzyme Peptidase


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