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Day 16! (At 5 Am)



Hi guys!

So its 5 in the morning and Im not sure who all reads this anymore, but I HAVE GOOD NEWS! My face is.... clear! I have one healing scab on my nose but that is literally it! HOLY CRAP ASFHKL!

I dont know how long this will last... and if your a guy you may not like this part.... because I always break out for like the week before I get my period and I got it today and magically Im clear! That normally happens but then I always break out again, but still. Im very excited.

I wasnt gonna post until tomorrow but I figured that its been a while since Ive posted a happy post on here, so heres to optimism guys!!! Love you!


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Good for you, Katie! Obviously I can't relate specifically to that hormonal aspect of things but I I'd imagine that's a relief. I used to break out in almost weekly cycles and could kind of predict it. It was as though the moment I cleared one breakout, a new one would start and that would be really frustrating and draining. So I bet it feels good to get to the point where things are under control and that cycle of breakouts isn't happening for you. Fingers crossed that continues. Hopefully you continue to be clear, too! :)

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thanks Paul!!! as always(: The cycling is the worst because you never get a break or relief..as soon as you think your clear you break out again! And also, at least with me, when I do get clear, I cant enjoy it because I dread knowing that it wont last. ): But were getting rid of it for once and for all!! (hopefully) Hope your well.

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Thats awesome Katie! I'm pretty much completely clear too! Just got a couple of marks that are slowly fading away. It's pretty amazing how fast it works ae?

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