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Im smiling as i write this right now. I was really scared to do so because i really dont want to jinx it but i think it is time.

My face has really cleared up. Big time. I am really happy with how its going but again- i dont want to jinx it so i wont get ahead of myself.

but seriously- compared to what i was writing about and how i was feeling and looking only a couple of weeks ago this is a huge turnaround! My right cheek- well lets just say it is SOFT! i havnt felt soft skin on my cheek in months! and my left one is getting ther! my chin is doing well and my forehead still great (other then two pimples that i blame myself for cuz i tried to pop two white heads that i shouldnt have touched so they turned into big cysts that are going down now) but really i cant say i am not happy about how its looking cuz i really am. Only thing that i still am so self concious about - is although my acne has definitely cleared up A TON- the scars dont let my so far success shine through...im sure you ALL know what im talking about. the moment your face clears up but doesnt look like it actually is because of all the dark spots all over that make it look like u still have bad acne. fortunately though there is alot more i can do about covering that and feeling better then covering up big cystic acne. so i am HAPPY.

For all you out there wondering how this came to be i will tell you-

I didnt let up on any of the medications my doctor gave me even with all the painful (and i mean PAINFUL) side effects. Solodyn i think has been working, even though it makes me really really nauseas at night (i started taking it at dinner instead of lunch and that seemed to help). Nighttime routine consists of washing with this new cerave derma control oil control foam wash (literally brand new product) my doctor gave me to test out. it takes of makeup really well and you dont have to lather on your cheeks- if you have cysts that hurt like i do- and so it helps to clean without the pain of rubbing. also definitely helped with my oily skin throughout the day. so after that at night i would wait a good 45 minutes and put epiduo on my face. now this was the hardest part. it BURNSSS like hell every single night. feels like fire on my face until i fall asleep -which is really hard to do when your face is on fire. but i started just taking advil or moisturizing alil right after i wash my face to ease up the burning (it burned i think because i would be really dry after washing at night and then epiduo on dry skin=PAIN). either way i felt this product work. i would wake up every morning thus far and see improvement- including on the fading on my awful scars.. so this is great. morning again wash with the cerave, apply aczone which i also loved for big pimples-it dries them up nicely throughout the day, i would let that dry and then moisturize with cerave face lotion (my favorite moisturizer!) and then of course MAKEUP! just started using clinique superbalanced liquid foundation.now girls with cystic acne like me who DONT like the caky look of makeup this stuff is the BEST! it covers really smoothly and nicely but doesnt give that gross caky look over big bumps of acne. now this means that your not going to get that full coverage but okay, so you deal with some of the acne look- either way we kinda go through that gross feeling of 'yea i got acne-deal with it' so the caky makeup look doesnt really help with that either way- thats why i liked this clinique stuff it really did smooth me out. ontop of that i brush alittle bare minerals to even out the foundation and then alittle of the warmth(also bare minerals) careful with this on your cheeks becuase it can sometimes bring out the redness of pimples and we dont like that now do we? finish off with alittle blush to bring back color to your face from covering up with the clinique and some eyeliner on the top and mascara to make your eyes the focus and make them pop! no matter how bad my acne got i always had people comment on my beautiful eyes :) that would always make my day.

So that my friends is my every day routine- give or take alittle on the makeup (even though as you can tell it isnt that much)

I hope my next post will be even more enthusiastic! for now- im excited about my progress and i hope you all can go through it with me...!

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