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Acne Everwhere



I have acne on my back, chest, and face and I cannot stand it. My back and chest aren't terrible but I try to hide both of them. I'm only 13 and I've had it since I was 8 and I am totally sick of this. Also It might effect peoples opinion of me. Please, please help. I included 4 pictures of my face and as you can see its not very good.


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You are only 13 so don't worry in the slightest ok :) This is just very early teen acne. Everyone has had it once in their life. If they do persist and get worse go to your doctors right away and ask for a calm topical cream to help your face. Because your so young still, a very low percentage cream or gel will more than likely get rid of them all pretty easily for you. Just remember to think of the future though because I started to get acne when i was around 15, got rid of it all and had clear skin right up until i was about 18 then bam, my face is just awful now, I am 19 and suffering very bad from it because well, tbh, i didn't look after my skin properly. I wish i was in your position of being your age again and correcting my mistakes. Just remember to keep smiling, they will go, keep telling yourself it and don't let it ever get you down because once it does, it keeps you down and the world can be a very horrible place let me say.


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Hi sweety. Listen, I also started breaking out at around 12 (if you read my blog you can see ive been going through it now for 8 years..) but listen, if you have pimples like that at 13 its okay to go to a doctor and he can help you get rid of it now while your young before it gets worse when you really go through puberty. thats the mistake i made- was not tackling it while it was still fresh. now i am struggling with scars...

it looks to me though like you have a really easy case to get rid of- it doesnt look like its so stuck in you. ask your mom or dad if you can see a dermatologist and he can help you start to lessen it. my sister is 16 now and she also started breaking out at 14 and saw a derm to get rid of it before it got worse and her skin is perfect now. i highly suggest stopping any over the counter products (those can dry you out more and make you break out more) and see a derm. It will all get better from there i promise!

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