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Damn You Dalacin T Lotion.



So I made it to Month 4 Week 2 Day 2 of the Dianette - so i think i might have taken two steps back with getting the lotion.

I used it and i felt like it was producing more oil for my skin and i broke out in some spots that were red lumps that HURT. i was so annoyed and upset because until then my skin had a smooth skin look and the only issue was the stupid scarring. THIS MADE ME MAD.

I stopped using it went back to my normal routine and my skin has calmed down now but i feel like i wasted that time breaking out when i should have been healing.

i can't remember if i had said this before but really - really is Dalacin T Lotion that bad?!! Also i know it can also be called Clendamycin phosphate lotion or something or the other and some people had really praised it - for me unfortunately it's been a waste of prescription money and i am not happy.

so let me just update on my own regime:

wake up wash face with Malki Dead Sea Salt Soap -a life saver might i add!!!

then if i'm not wearing make up - noncomedegenic of course on which i rely heavily on CLinique ! Another Life Saver!!!!

then i wipe it off and i wash face again with Malki Dead Sea Salt Soap

then i apply La Roche Posay A.I. cream and Freederm Fast Acting Spots if i can feel any coming up which recently I AM HAVING TO USE.

guess i am slightly annoyed at myself for having a step back.

in order to stop this shit from spreading i reverted back to my herbal face mask and i figure it;s calming it down

so on top of the zinc and primrose oil tablets and cod liver oil tablets i am having i feel like Dalacin T Lotion is not going to be a part of my regime. Hell. No.

So that's my rant over - trying to fix the scarring now - it's getting dull which is good right? i wonder what the next stage is.

my birthday is in like three weeks and i want to be a little more confident than right now about taking photos and enjoying it without being paranoid.

so yeah i will see how it goes...


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