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Does Any Body Comment?

victoria =)


Sooooo i've been posting but i guess no one believes in commenting. I want to know if anyone was having trouble with drug store products? Then switch to dans, kit and had success? Any success stories???


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the only store product i had trouble with was the BP. no store sells a good 2.5% BP gel. they're all creams. i started the regimen using on the spot, and once i tried dan's BP, i never went back. gel is so much better. the regimen does work, but it takes a lot of patience. i had to stop because of the irritation.

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Higher chances of replies if you start a log (if you want to track progress) or post (just for one question) on the message boards.

Much like whatthekell said a cleanser and moisturizer should be easy to find/substitute but a good gel BP is harder to find as cream ones tend ball up a bit with moisturizer. The regimen is basically gentle cleanser, BP then moisturize. I used Dan's stuff but could have easily substituted the cleanser or moisturizer for cetaphil, many people do change those around to find something they like or works better with their skin type. Dont think I used the regimen long enough to get its full effect, ended up getting an allergic reaction to BP, but my skin was better when i was on BP then when I'm off it.

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Thank you guys for the replies :) I'm using a bp i got from my derm a hot minute ago, and it does ball up when I'm putting my moisturizer on so i can't use it during the day or ill look dumb lol i don't think dans, products will cause me much more irritation than i have now, I've been on bp lotion and bp soap for a while now and my skin is like tolerant to it now :( *shrugs. I'm gonna keep using my products for a little longer and see what happens, if i don't see any results, then maybe I'll switch. And again thank you guys so much. Feel free to add me :)

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