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Accutane Day 57/week 8/ Beginning Of Month 3/ Still 40Mg



Hey guys! Sorry for not posting last week and yesterday. I really didn't have a lot to report, but now I do.

Ok first of all yesterday I went to my dermatologist, he said my face was getting better and that I would be 100% clear by next month. He prescribed me 40 mg again. I asked him about the red marks and he said they would completely fade away 1-2 months after my Accutane journey. He also said that I didn't need to do a blood test because my last results were great, and my next appointment is 2 months later! :)

So let's get to my face. My acne is 60% clear!!! I don't get 5-7 whiteheads+ 1 cyst every morning. I only have 2 cysts that haven't gone down for a while and I sometimes get a whitehead. It may be a normal teens nightmare but it's wonderful for me especially compared to 2 weeks ago...

Side effects... Same old thing but I sometimes realize my eyes get a bit dry outside when there's a bit wind, other than that I haven't even had a bloody nose. I hope I don't jynx it.

Oh by the way. When I was at the pharmacy with my mom we were looking for some new chapsticks. When the pharmacist saw I bought Accutane he told me to buy La Roche-Posay "Ceralip". It's french and it's for people who suffer from severe dry lips from other drugs, but it's extremely expensive, almost 10 dollars! I bought it because it was big too, and I swear it's the best thing out there. It REALLY works!

See you guys next week! ;)


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