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Random Post!



I'm out of school- woohoo! I finished up the year with good grades, and I'm in a pretty good spot. However, this blog isn't about my life, its about my skin, which has been going bonkers lately! I've been breaking out more and more, but it isn't anything too bad. I just hate to see my skin fluctuate so drastically like this, especially when its summer!

I'm definetly going to stay on the Tretinoin, but I'm not so sure about the Clindamycin... It just doesn't seem to cut it for me. Do you have any recommendations for a TOPICAL acne medication? There is no way in heck that I'm going the oral route; it scares me and I don't believe that I need to go there. I had a friend go on accutane and it really screwed her up. I'm not saying that oral medications are bad, they're just not for me. If they work for you, great!! :D

Back to my pesky skin- my blackheads are becoming inflamed and I'm not sure why. This year, I've also noticed that I break out all over my face, not just on my chin like I used to. It's on my jawline, forehead, nose, the area abouve my lip and on my chin. It's more wide spread. I have a job interview on tuesday and I just hope my skin clears up more!

By the way, I've taken some pictures off the internet (can't post pictures of my actual face for security reasons) to show you what my skin looks like or close. As I've stated many times, my skin isn't bad, it just scars and the acne I get are nasty pustules (sorry for the nastiness). They hurt and are red as the devil.


There's a link- my skin looks like her before skin, but its much paler and has more discoloration and a few more red spots.

I believe thats all I have for you today! I actually have a face mask on right now and it feels amazing! Please comment down below with any product suggestions or comments. Thanks!


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