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Day 48



weekend update! haha i'm not totally sue what i'm using this blog for anyway. i feel like my skin just goes in waves...some days i feel good about it, some days i don't. i guess i'm just hoping that i'll track the progress until week 12 when i can say it's good and stays good! i'm getting a few more clogged pores around my mouth...and a few on my cheeks. that's been the weirdest part i think...i used to just get random little bumps on my cheeks like far back, not on the apples. but now i get more, consistently. so strange. i can say for sure that my skin is better than when i first started using these retinoids...definitely since i started atralin and i think also since the retin-a. my skin feels smoother and now i can actually count individual clogged pores (obviously an awesome way to spend time) instead of just thinking the whole overall texture of my skin (mostly more forehead) just looks "bumpy". last week was a pretty good week...i really feel hopeful about the end of the 12 weeks. i'm on about 6 and a half of every night use, 8 and a half total! and three months of spiro. my skin definitely likes to not be overexfoliated...i cut back on the pro x brush to every other morning, sometimes every 3 mornings...and my skin doesn't look any worse for the less exfoliation, it isn't as dry and my makeup looks better!


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