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Day 18 Of The Regimen



Today is day 18 of being on the Regimen,

This week I've experienced the infamous dryness that everyone has suffered from. First week was some what dry, but this week my face began to peel. I guess the best way to describe it is kidda like a lizard shedding skin. This week I've also changed my moisturizer to Dan's moisturizer. I was using Clinque's Dramatically different moisturizing gel. Clinque's moisturizing gel has worked great for me in the past, but ever since I've started the regimen it really hasn't been that moisturizing or hydrating. So I decided to switch my moisturizer to the Dan's moisturizer, which made a complete difference. I not only switch my moisturizer but also added more jojoba oil in Dan's moisturizer. Which in a night or so took care of my skin shedding. the first week being on the regimen I also experience horrible break out. It felt like every morning waking up I would get a new pimple pop up, and thankfully the bp would dry it out very quickly but after one pimple would heal a new one would surface. Like most I panicked. I than discovered that this was part the process. My skin was purging all the dirt that was build up under my skin, dirt that didn't surface. (which would be pimples) So even though I looked horrid, this was also a good sign, this was a sign that the Regimen was working. It's been a rough two weeks but I am determined to keep pulling through with The Regimen. Today I'm still experiencing some dryness on both sides of my jaw lines. I do have acne post marks left behind from my freak out or some would call my purging stage. I'll try my best to keep updating my experience and hoping my skin heals each day.



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