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So Far So Good

Hello, I'm taking a small break from studying. Next week I have finals and then I'll be off for the summer. I'd like to say that perhaps, only perhaps, my facial flush has improved. My face flushes when I wipe off my make up or when it is very hot outside. Before, it would be red constantly and follow a rosacea-like pattern. I am now under the care of a naturopath to get rid of the body flushing that's relentless. The ND has adviced to get an ESR and CRP test. These tests detect internal inflammation and it is the ND's belief that even after 4 months of the last dose of accutane, the metabolites are still present.

I'm constipated and have been even before accutane, so to me it is normal not to go to the bathroom for a week. However, what the ND told me is that my constipation might have delayed the riddance of the accutane therefore allowing its active ingredients to still linger in my body and inflame system after system. I check my glucose levels everyday to make sure I'm not developing diabetes. I got those self test machines to monitor. While my fasting glucose level has increased after accutane, it is still in the norm, which is an 82 mg/dl. Before accutane is was much lower than that and so was my blood pressure.

Accutane causes diabetes because it fosters the sedimentation of fat on the liver and pancreas. The monthly blood tests that are required, do not catch that and so by the time patients are through with their accutane regimen, they have already developed or in the process of developing diabetes. Only a body MRI can detect organ fat deposits. If MRI scans were gonna be part of the monthly tests, then no one would be willing to take accutane and the pharmaceutical companies would lose clients and profits. Doing blood tests is already a pain, imagine an MRI. Well, unfortunately it is as important.

Now, in people who develop diabetes inspite of having all tests normal and being lean, diabetes would be an autoimmune disorder and of genetic source. But we are talking about the isotretinoin sourced diabetes, and in that case the fat deposits are the culprits.

I'm very glad to have found a naturopath (ND). She seems to know more than doctors do. For instance, no doctor adviced me to take an ESR and CRP tests and I didn't know there ever existed blood tests to detect internal inflammations and autoimmune disorders.

It's the very irony of the American health system.

Love you all. For the rest, I sleep fine, taking the supplements the ND gave me and will keep you posted on flushing and diabetes. I also donated $30 to the National Rosacea Society. rolleyes.gif


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