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Dans Products Vs Drug Store?

victoria =)


I've been doing the regimen for over 2 Weeks and nothing, breaking out maybe even worse :( should i just go ahead and get the kit?? Had any one had similar problems?? Please comment! :) i'm using the drug store products btw


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it may help to list the products your using that way people may be able to relate.

People recommend to use dans, but others on the message board have substituted their own with success.

I think its normal to breakout a litte more in the first month or so.

You maybe best posting in the message board where people who are on the regime can tell you about their experiences.

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what products are you using? i'm using drugstore substitutes as well.. i have the products listed on my blog. it's day 33 for me and i'm still getting breakouts but my skin has improved.

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