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Forcing Myself To Think "pretty"



Well, I have three weeks to go until i see people again that i havent seen in 6 months now. my face has definitely calmed down but the scars dont allow my face to show any progress- they are just as ugly...okay im exxadurating not just as ugly...but ugly still as having bad acne. I want them to fade more so that i dont look awful without makeup! please please please g-d let them fade more i am going to be going to the beach and swimming and sleeping over with friends and i dont want to worry about having makeup on to look and feel pretty!

its gotten to the point where i dont want my emotions to make me breakout more so i force myself when looking in the mirror to just say okay you are pretty! guys think you are pretty! be pretty! you are pretty! ... yea it sounds self centered but i mean common . we all know its what people like us battling acne HAVE to do in order to gain ANY sense of self confidence. am i right or am i right?


Like I said, cheeks calmed down alot. i keep getting these gross huge onces right on the top of my cheeks, like under my eyes for some odd reason. they are big and they hurt but they go away quickly but leave a huge mark. so i have three big marks now on the top of my cheeks (along with alllll the thousands of marks taking over the rest of my cheeks). chin is clear - still marked up though. forehead thank G-D never really broke out except for one every now and then so i have a couple of spots around my hair line that do easily cover. i really did thank g-d lessen up on the inflamed cysts, its just the marks all over with the couple of inflamed cycsts that really make it look like continuous bad acne.


we are all pretty in our own way :)

i agree struggling with acne is hard and but we should do what we need to do to make our selfs feel more confident whether it be medication, make up, telling our selfs that we are not ugly etc.

To some degree i think there is a mind over matter principle that can be applied to most things in life as well as acne. If we think or aim to be clear then we will become clearer. Dwelling on it just seems to make it appear worst.

Try not to stress about your skin (easier said than done) for the next few weeks and i reckon you will be looking pretty damn fine when your friends arrive. ;)

I remember when i used to be around 15/16 i i used to always go out to parties and every time i hoped that my skin would be good it got worse so the lesson learned was just take things as they are worrying has no good effect!

enjoy the weekend dude

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A good tip to remember is that not everone really notices skin that much. We do because it's such a big deal to us. But most people don't! And if they do they might think "ok, she has acne" and move on. Its not like its something they dwell on (unlike us). If you think you're pretty thats nore than half the battle.

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thanks. I definitely did a good job at changing my attitude this weekend and it felt good.

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