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Day 29_Derm Appointment



Hi everyone:)

So this afternoon I went to the dermatologist for my one-month appointment. He wrote me a prescription for the remaining 5 months of my treatment. He also said that there's quite a lot of inflammation so he gave me an injection for that. I have no idea what the injection was but I just really hope that it's going to help!! He injected me in my left shoulder and it was actually quite painful! I've also noticed that my dry lips have improved. I'm also going back to drinking both pills in the evening rather then one in the morning and one in the evening. I have 2 new cysts (a bit smaller then usual though), one on my cheek and one between my eyebrows. When I put on make-up for school (pressed powder and concealer) it looks fine but after a few hours my skin really dries up and my face flakes :( So the make-up doesn't really help! xx


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