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Frustration With Western Dermatology. Arggg



Lately I've been reading a ton about western dermatology vs. eastern remedies for acne. I have gone to skin doctors since my teens, and I don't trust them. I don't trust them because I always know what they are going to say and what they are going to put me on. If I have an outbreak, it's always topicals and antibiotics. Or antibiotics with spironolactone. My acne always comes back! Isn't this a sign that these medications only work short-term for me. Worse is that it is a known fact that using antibiotics regularly has negative effects on one's body. Using chemicals on your face have negative effects on skin! Why must they try and put me on the same medications-- it's pretty clear to me that they don't work! Yes, maybe they help with my acne for a few months, but these are absolutely not permanent fixes! It's pretty clear to me that there is a deeper reason for my acne.

These short-term fixes are a problem! They can cause longterm damage to our bodies! Furthermore, my dermatologists have never given me an explanation for why my skin is bad. They tell me to do and not to do things, but they never tell me why. For example, they always told me not to pick my pimples. They said it could cause scarring. When I did a quick google search about picking, it told me that picking causes damage in the pores, which increases the size of the pore, making it easier to bacteria to infect the pore in the future. Ever wonder why acne often comes back in the same exact spot on your face? That's why! If a skin doctor told me the longterm effects of picking, I wouldn't have touched my face! I wasn't even an intense picker... if I had a whitehead about to pop, I would pop it. Or if I had flaky skin, I would pull it off. But, I definitely get cysts in the same spots on my face!

Antibiotics. I've been on so many in my life. I've been reading about antibiotics, and it's pretty clear that taking too much will cause candida overgrowth. Candida has been linked with acne. So even if antibiotics work initially, they could in fact make acne worse in the future. Furthermore, you can develop a resistance to them. I certainly have.

There needs to be a serious change in the way dermatologists do their work. I'm not sure if they just aren't sharing all information with us, but it seems there is a problem with how they are trained. They need to tell us about side-effects of using medications before prescribing them to us over and over again.

Is the root of the problem the fact that American's always want a quick fix? The approaches that skin doctor's use do give a quick fix to the problem. But, I find it ridiculous that I have to research longterm treatment on my own. A skin doctor has never given me holistic/eastern approaches-- even when I've asked! They say things like "well, some say there might be a link between milk and acne, but this hasn't been proven. If you want to know about other approaches, you could talk to an eastern doctor". It's like the dermatologist association banned them from talking about alternative approaches- even if they know about them! And if they don't know about them, it baffles my mind that they aren't knowledgeable about alternative methods. Diet, lifestyle changes, natural topicals, different reasons for acne formation-- why can't they tell us about these things?! Why is there such a divide between eastern and western medicine?!!!!

I have seen so many adult females with the same frustrations. So many women are going out of their way to learn about these things on their own because traditional treatments don't do the trick in the long run. I mean, duhhh, a hormone imbalance is not going to be remedied by a freaking antibiotic pill. It makes logical sense that there are internal reasons for acne that can't be fixed by simply getting rid of bacteria. So many women have found success in diet and lifestyle changes. They have found that natural topicals and oils have worked for them. Why isn't this stuff used by dermatologists? Why must they give us intense chemicals for our faces and harsh oral medications? Why don't they focus on longterm success?!

Arggg. Does anybody share my frustration?!

I am on Spironolactone and Antibiotics right now. My doctor gave me a prescription for 3 months of antibiotic pills. Doesn't that seem a little extreme?! I'm weaning off of them after being on for 2 weeks. There's no way I'm taking those fuckers for 3 months. They give me terrible yeast infections :( Spironolactone has worked for me in the past, so I'm going to stay on a bit longer. They did tell me there is a link between cancer in rats and spironolactone. That scares me shitless. I want to get off of this stuff as soon as my face calms down. I don't want to stop these medications cold turkey, because i know that will make things worse. I'm hoping to just be on birth control pills in a few months. During that time, I'm going to experiment with diet and lifestyle changes. I'm going to abandon my harsh topicals, and I'm going to try using jojoba oil and other natural topicals.

Has anybody had luck going to a holistic/alternative doctor? I've always wanted to go, but it's not covered by my health insurance. I don't have a lot of money to spend. I have been doing a lot of research, but I think talking to a trained professional could be beneficial.


OMG OMG Your rant sounds like I wrote it myself!!!! lol i say the SAME exact things about that topic and i think i've found out the reason for all of that!,,,$$$$. They all want your money. They aren't going to tell you that you can get better results using something from nature FOR FREE if they can sell you some fancy unpronounceable product and make tons of cash to support themselves financially and live the high life. Even if they're aware of a better natural remedy they won't tell you because then they'll lose a customer. They give you stuff as a quick fix to make you dependent on it and be hooked to it for life because you think to yourself, "crap, if i stop using this my acne will come back and i'll look horrible!" They don't tell you what the root of your problem is and they never will! Somtimes i think i would never be in this mess in the first place if i just let my skin heal naturally all those years ago.I went to a Dermotologist years ago in my teens and even then i got the overwhelming feeling that he didnt care about me at all! he looked at my face for a bit and then automatically just knew i needed Benzaclin and proscribed it for me. Cost me a fortune over time cuz i paid it myself, and as a 13 year old I wasn't as gullible as he thought and i did my own research on the product. Soooo many side effects and did you know it goes into your blood stream everytime you put it on?!?! AND can cause tumors if used for an extended period of time?! Complete nonsense. After 10 years of trial and error and tons of money wasted i've just recently started down the road to all natural products. Chemical products supress your acne, they dont heal it, they don't kill the bacteria like the commercials say they do, they ruin the way your body works, they have side effects and they're expensive...........

I'm using African Black Soap..have been for almost 2 months now and i know its working. Its 100% natural, cheap, and good for your skin! You might wanna research it and find out more about it even though i could go on and on about it here lol. But to sum things up, it naturally exfoliates your skin and cleans it. Really cleans it like nothing you've ever tried before! I use it every single day everytime i shower. It's erased the most stubborn dark spots i've had for years. Makes my skin literally squeaky clean. Right now i'm still purging all the toxins out my skin but I can see the difference its making already. I've done a review on it right on this website and theres tons of sites online with similar experiences, just google it.#DERMS SUKKKKKKK!

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I'm glad you share my frustrations!!! I will definitely research this African Black Soap. It seems like there are so many natural options out there that I've never heard about! I did just buy Jojoba, which supposedly helps in similar ways to African Black Soap. I think I might cleans with the soap and moisturize with Jojoba. Let me know if you find anything else you like! I'll do the same.

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I feel exactly the same! Ive been on all sorts of antibiotics for almost 5 years. It has totally messed up my system, Im now vulnerable and more prone to colds, which is extremely irritating! The derm appts in London are completely useless, they intimidate you and dont give you a permanent solution, all they say "youre only 18, youve still got time." eurghhhh! Sod them!

2 years ago, I went to a Chinese doctor, and the consultation was extremely detailed and it actually cleared me up for 6months. The only reason I broke out again was because the medication was horrendous, makes me shiver everytime I drink it and also it was very expensive, around £15 a day. I didnt want my parents to have this baggage as in the long term it will be extremely expensive.

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Triple omg--this sounds like the rant I've been brewing in my head. You are spot on! I've created bad skin by using harsh chemicals. It's money motivated business and completely destructive to us. I have had enough! And to the user who recommended the African Black soap--yay! I used to buy that from an African Mask shop in Hollywood and it was amazing! I had forgotten about it ( was too busy putting unnatural things on my face for the past few years) til it turned up as a "recommendation" on amazon when I ordered the jaboba oil :) I hope it still works like it used to!

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I could'nt disagree more. My American dermatologist cleared up my acne in about six weeks. Good luck with Jojoba oil and African Soap.

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