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Week 4 Regimen, Month 2 Bc



So, my skin is finally almost to a smooth surface!! So excited.

The regimen is for sure working, and Dan's what to expect panel really hit it on the nail.

Once you get to the full amount of BP, this is when your skin really clears up.

( This DOES NOT mean you should use two full pumps a week into the regimen just because you want immediate results- you will get very flakey, and the irritation will cause more acne.. so go slow!)

It took me 3-4 weeks to get to the full amount, and i am still feeling a burning sensation. My face is starting to not be as red, and i'm thrilled.

I am super surprised because i thought my horrible breakout from my birth control was going to dominate dans regimen, but i don't think it can! Once my hormone levels are balanced, i think i can slowly get off the regimen since birth control will keep me clear. If it doesn't, i know what to do now!

Some tips, and things i do:

moisturize, moisturize, moisturize even if you have oily skin

the initial dryness, and flakiness needs external moisture, and if it doesn't get it, it will become irritated and CAUSE MORE ACNE

use jojoba oil as a mask before washing your face

this gets off unwanted flakes, and helps your face after you wash it so it is not tight

get a nice eye cream, because this regimen will dry out your eyes, and you'll look 10x better with conditioned eyes!

if you need to wear makeup i would suggest:

moisturize, wait 15 minutes, lightly stipple on a tinted moisturizer or bb cream ( something light that evens out everything, and something oil-free) i use cliniques bb cream, or laura mercers tinted moisturizer, then spot conceal with a foundation or concealer( I use cliniques redness solutions), and set with a powder.!!!!!!!be VERY gentle, or else you'll pay the price the next day!!!!!!!

if you have every been on any antibiotics longterm, TAKE PROBIOTICS

I made such an awful mistake going on doxycycline for 6 months, and it worked great, but it stopped and that's why i had the worst breakout of my life. You need the good bacteria in your intestines, and antibiotics take the bad AND good out, which causes an imbalance.

If you are on any sort of antibiotic like doxy, please please please consider something else, and take probiotics immediately.

I take acidophilus with 2 billion active cultures, and my face is clearing nicely, and it is good for your body anyway.

b-12 is great for your skin as well. i have been a vegetarian for 7 years, and i took it ever since, and my skin was nice, then on doxy you couldn't take certain vitamins, so i stopped. so when i started taking them again, my energy levels were back to normal.

drink water like it's your job.

i drink 7 water bottles a day. and my skin feels hydrated and even looks like it is glowing underneath all my scars and such!

most of all, don't give up. the beginning weeks are hell, and i'm still in them, but i am finally advancing.

Once i am clear i won't be sure if it was the probiotics, birth control, or the regimen, but all three are complimenting each other and my face is 70% better than it was 4 weeks ago ( the birth control breakout was the worst thing ever, oh my gosh)

if you have any questions, or any tips for me, comment or something! thanks!


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I don't eat meat as well- what do you use the Vitamin B-12 for? Is it something that we may lack as vegetarians or is it just an extra. Thanks!!

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