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Day 8!



Hey guys,

I dont honestly have any idea if you guys find this blog helpful, but I figure I ll keep doing it just in case Im helping anybody figure out what results they might get and how fast or whatever.

Im kind of stuck in this rut with my chin still being broken out. I dont know what to do about it! I think my skin is taking forever to heal. The rest of my face is clear.. which is good! But Im not buying that its gonna stay that way haha.... I highly doubt that.

As far as side effects go.... I almost broke into tears today at work because of being irratated and frustrated, which Ive never felt before. Ive just been pissed off about little things and kind of emotionally fragile.


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Hey Katiekins, I'm one person who finds your blogs helpful! lol As far as the accutane just remember you've only been on the medicine for a little over a week, there's no way everything can heal in a few days (as much as I wish!) and try not to let accutane get in your head too much, if you feel a little out of wack go out of the house or do something you enjoy, cause accutane can kind of take its toll on the mind if you let it....

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