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Im Breaking Out!



I have 5 huge pimples and nothing is working! GROWING impatient for my accutane! ( I start next month) RAWR!!! ON top of that i still have marks of past spots ! other than that im okay :) ANY ADVICE?!


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Hopefully you start in the beggining of June! But, if I were you i'd just keep using the products you've been on until you get accutane. There's no use trying to use different products, washes etc. when your'e going to start the medicine soon.

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tanks! you make a lot of sense, i am going to start the 21 or 22nd of june. I hope for the best.... The derm put me on antibiotics (DOXCY) which worked for 2-3 weeks but now i am having worse spots then i did before and i have been on tretinoin cream 0.1% also and nothing....


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your welcome :), I was on doxycycline pills too (i never felt like it worked for me either lol) and I also took the tretinoin cream (retin a I think it called), I feel like that kind of worked for me, but then my skin got use to it and it stopped sorta working. But stay on those antibiotics/creams b/c my doctor said it will lessen the severity of the Initial breakout with accutane!!!

You'll be surprised the difference you'll see in you'll see in your face when you start accutane. Its a rollar coaster ride, with bad days and good days but there will just be days where you look in the mirror and think wow, I think this medicine is really gonna work for me! I hope accutane works for YOU!! Good luck :))

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Wow, very inspiring, Thanks a lot for the support! :) i been breaking out so im also adding clindymicin with my routine SOO hopefully it works, right now my face is just red with some bumps.. ! :)

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