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Hey guys! So I’m about to start on Accutane on June 8 so 8 days from now. I’m pretty excited and nervous at the same time because I know it will work but at the same time, I’m so so scared of all the side effects but I wanna just get on it and get it done with! What I am especially kinda freaked out about is that I sometimes through out the day, get a tiny bit of anxiety (pretty mild) and it just kinda shows up for no reason. I really hope Accutane wont aggravate this :/ does anyone know anything about this?

So I just wanted to keep a journal of my experience with Accutane and I wanted to help others who are on it or are about to go on it because these journals and diaries really helped me make the decision that I wanted to start this. And I promise I’ll keep you guys updated throughout my journey and I hope it’ll go well with nothing too painful!

A little bit of background about me is that I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in Overland Park Kansas and I have moderate to severe cystic acne. I’ve struggled with acne since I was 12 but just about a year ago, it got really bad. I tried several treatments with little success, including Doxycycline, Minocycline, Spirnolactone, and Bactrim (a sulfa drug). And I tried sooo many topicals like Differn, Tazorac, Zianna, Aczone, a bunch others I can’t even remember. I also tried ProActiv, AcneFree, Nuetrogena and a bunch of other over the counter stuff. So I guess it’s safe to say I tried a lot :) And I am pretty healthy with no health problems or anything like that and I am also very active.

So yah I really hope this will be a success story and if anyone knows about the anxiety thing and if Accutane can make anxiety worse, please let me know! And I wish everyone the best of luck if they are on Accutane or are about to go on it! And feel free to leave comments and ask questions, I’ll be happy to answer!! :)


HI and welcome!!! I'm not on accutane or interested in being on it since i'm finding some success in natural rememdies but i wish you the best and hope that works out for you! I also read all those side effects and i currently do have just a tad of health problems and my hubby and i will be trying for a little one soon so i decided it was not for me. I hope you get awesome results and just remember to be patient and not expect it all to happen as quickly as you like ;). i've got a buddy on this site who's been on accutane for quite some time and is still awaiting her results. Hopefully yours goes a little faster than hers though. Please keep us updated! :D :D

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Thanks for the wecome :) and I'm glad your finding results with natural remedies, my mom tried to make some for me but they just didn't seem to cut it! and I hope everything is going well and I will def keep you updated! good luck!

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Haha yah I can't wait to get started and finally get the skin I want! Good luck to you too!!

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