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Week 1!




Hey guys!!! So Ive finally taken the big leap of faith... accutane! Well actually Claravis... but.. same thing lol. So Im on day 3, and so far I havent noticed anything different about my skin... except for that its still sucking if not getting worse possibly than before! Im hoping that this is my IB and that it goes upwards from here. Im worrying though because most people say they get their IB 2 weeks after starting so maybe the medicine hasnt even kicked in yet. AHHH!

Im optimistic though, I have to keep the end in sight and not forget that all this struggle will one day only be a memory!

As far as side effects, Ive only noticed nausea the first day when I didnt take my pill with food, and some irratability at things that normally wouldnt bug me.

Keep your fingers crossed Ill keep posting!


Ahhh, okay so day 4. Ive noticed that although my skin is still bad, it has started peeling so the drying has started!! Im going to have to buy a moisturizer really soon!! Im hoping that this is a sign that its starting to work. Besides that, nothing to new to report.

OH, also noticed that I get really exhausted if I dont drink enough liquids.


Hi you guys((:

So day 5.. today was a frustrating day for me.. My skin is still breaking out, and the old ones seem to be taking eternities to heal!! I also have lots of flaky, dry skin.... so overall.... I look like a hot mess!! Im not loving this!

But I spent a ton of time on this site today, and Im planning on utilizing it a lot...


Hiiii guys,

Well.... My top half of my face is starting to clear up... My chin is still a disaster but Im feeling a bit better than yesterday because Im happy about my middle of face and forehead! I have no clue whether this is just the natural cycle of my skin ( it normally just cycles through awful, to bad, to clear for like 2 days, then back to...


same as yesterday!! top of face is still staying relatively clear, not completely, but pretty clear.. but the bottom of my face is not good at all. just like yesterday. I did notice however, that Im seeing a change in the actual QUALITY of the skin that is clear. I feel like it is less oily than normal. Maybe Im seeing things! And I hope you guys dont mind that i condensed all my posts into a "week" post. (:


^^^ thanks so much!! its still rough but its gonna get better i just have to believe that! Have you gotten started on your accutane yet?

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