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Refused For Accutane And Recommended To Use Retin A



Ive finally waited until my derm appointment and was excited because I would be fighting acne for good. However, this wasnt the case. Instead they refused me because they still didnt believe that I was a suitable candidate and made excuses that accutane should not be taken in the summer because of photosensitivity. And got several other doctors to examine my skin which was extremely uncomfortable. Little did I know that the last derm that I saw was a trainee and she didnt know what she was doing hence she gave me false hopes for three months. During these three months they were painful because I wasnt given any treatment and just relied my own optimism. The confusion and the contradiction created made me lose hope and a lack of trust in this hospital in London. I am disappointed with the service provided by the NHS and is now hopeless.


Who is considered a candidate for accutane?

1. someone who has severe, cystic acne

2. someone who has exhausted all their options and has tried many prescribed pills, topical creams, over-the counter products & their face has not responded to any of it!


DO NOT LOOSE HOPE!!!! I know you had a confusing and not understanding doctor, but I was in your position not too long ago. Back in Sept. 2011 a dermatologist told me I wasn't a candidate for accutane and gave me retin a & some other cream/pills. I gave those a chance, but I didn't give up Jan. 2012 I saw my family doctor, asked for accutane, again I was refused. So, that's 2 times I was rejected and each time I was bummed. I set up the last dermatologist app. March 2012 yet this time I didn't ask for accutane, I had given up, but the doctor actually was naming my options for my acne and let accutane slip out. Fast forward here I am almost done with my first month of accutane. So you see, if you have your heart set on getting accutane don't let anyone stop you. Go from one doctor to the next until you find one who will prescibe you the medication. But its important to try other things like (retin a) if you haven't used it before, because that might be the thing that works for you!

Good luck :)

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Thank you. I really needed this at this moment. Im glad I found someone who is on the same page a me. At times I feel like I am the only person who has acne and is socially isolated from the rest. But everytime I sign on to here I realise that we are all on the same boat.

I havent given up yet, I have written a complaint to the NHS and has requested an urgent referral to another hospital. Perhaps, I will meet a more understanding derm rather than a arrogant one. :D

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