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Kind Of Oil Cleansing



1st post. Just some thoughts.

I've been trying the oil cleansing method for a few months but have since changed it to suit my needs and accomodate an acne scrub that I've been enjoying.

Basically I saturate my face with warm water & jojoba, rubbing it into the skin to help remove makeup. Then I mix a bit more jojoba in with my green tea scrub and massage it all in. Warm water rinse and follow with SA moisturizer and BP.

Lately I've been slathering in the BP in and it does seem to help. But I still have marks all over my face. Its like the inflammation goes down but the acne is still there. The only thing I've really been noticing is the acne is less likely to become cystic & it seems the oils can more often than not be pushed out of the inflammations, unlike before I started cleansing with oil.

I am getting tired of using BP though. And my skin is always quite dry and flakey. I feel that I look so much older than I am because of skin damage from acne, sun damage, and just getting older in general. I feel that I look horrible. Perhaps I will try to take a break from the medication and see what happens. Im worried since even now Im still getting new breakouts and who knows how bad it will be when I stop using the BP altogether.


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Hey my name is carlos Tamayo I'm only 16 years old. I was wondering cause you guys have more experience than i do. will jojoba oil help my red acne marks and scars . ? Do you recommend it for me ? my scars are boxed scars.

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Hi Carlos.

While I have really loved using jojoba as part of my cleansing method, Its hard to say if it would do much by itself. I think everything I've been doing has contributed to my face getting clearer and more even. I have even noticed my skin texture seems smoother, which seems to help hide the deeper scars. I still have pale purplish marks from your type of acne, but hopefully by continuing my regimen I will continue to see more improvement. I doubt they will ever truly go away though =( .. That said, I've heard good things about almond oil for healing scars & evening out skin tones too so i thought maybe I'd try a switch and see how it goes. Worst case senario? - I go to a dermatologist for a mega acid peel or something, lol.

~Good luck~

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Jojoba oil really broke my skin out and made the blackheads and white heads much worse...

Im glad thinks are working for you!!! ;o)

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