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35 Days



So in 35 days I see the dermatologist, if I'd booked when I'd enquired last entry it would be a couple weeks earlier... Since my last entry I had a good patch of about a week where i didnt break out on my jaw, especially on my problem area, and felt i was clearing up a bit however over the last week I've gotten a couple on my jaw, including a really inflamed one on my problem area and four on my forehead(I did aggravate a couple of them by trying to pop them early though). Felt like one step forward, two steps back...

So over the next 35 day I sort of feel as if i can 'experiment' on my skin. Best case i improve my skin, worse case i break out more and possibly get Tane. Would i take accutane if given the chance though? On my bad days it'd be a yes, on my better days I'd like more information before i did but we'll cross that bridge if/when we come to it.(Felt I've written this before)

So I'm not going to do anything too crazy with my skin, the one thing i do want to try though is B5, i kind of tried it in the past but i didnt mega dose, i did like 2grams a day for 3-4 weeks, then lowered it, didnt see nay improvement and stopped. This time I'm going to start at 3 grams and gauge my skins response. I doubt I'd go above 5 grams at any time during my experiment though. Note: I have oily skin, my t-zone gets pretty oily during the day, usually within 6-8 hours of washing my face oil is visible and can be patted off. I'm probably going to cut back my ACV aswell to two tablespoons a day instead of four cause i dont think it's doing much and this will allow me to drink more water.

Just ate dinner aswell which was takeaway pizza and pasta. Probably going to pay for it, the pasta was pretty oily and pizza is pizza. I dont eat pizza at all really anymore, except for times like this, and I took off most of the cheese topping cause im still off dairy. Has to be 2.5 months now and it hasnt done much but i will persist for the forseable future. Not really missing it though having oats again for breakfast would be nice.


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