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Starting Accutane This Week



Hey Everyone!!

I decided to start a blog on my journey using accutane. This website has been a life saver to read about others who are going through the same problems with acne as me! Acne is hard enough so it is really helpful having a website where you can go to learn more about products, hear others success stories and problems, and have a place to vent about stupid acne!!!rolleyes.gif

So here is my story:

I am a 27 year old female and I live in St. Louis Missouri. I have suffered with acne since the age of 14. Went to a dermatologist around age 16 and tried antibiotics, differin gel, Klarin lotion, benzaclin, retin-A, the whole nine yards! This all kept my acne at bay but never cured it. I would have pimples pop up a few times a week, nothing that was unmanageble. I never had ones that scarred but I always had some sort of acne on my face. From age 22-24 my skin was its best and I rarely broke out. Then I don't know why but from about age 25-27 my skin has been a disaster. I have had cysts and horrible break outs. My derm tried Spiro 100mg, a higher dose of retin-A and nothing seemed to work. Finally after putting it off for a few years the decision came to start Accutane. I was like most people, horrified of all the side effects. I am still worried but have been so down about my acne that I really want to try Accutane. Reading blogs of other people's good results on acne.org has been inspiring. I want to blog my progress so that I can help someone else out there who is struggling with acne. So here it goes! I dropped off my prescription this afternoon and of course am already having difficulties with the pharmacy communicating with I-pledge. Apparently there is something wrong with my I-Pledge number account even though I answered all the questions and everything. So Hopefully sometime this week I will pick up my script!

I weigh 100 lbs or 45 kg. So my derm is starting me out the first month on 20mg and then hopefully work me up to 40-50mg.

My little picture is of me and my husband on our wedding day last June. It was the happiest day of my life and luckily I did not have any bad break outs that day so my skin looked beautiful in all my wedding pictures!! Hoping to get my skin back to looking good!

If anyone has any products they used while on Accutane that worked well for them let me know. I have stocked up on Cetaphil wash, Cereve lotion and moisturizer, nasal spray for my nose, Aquaphor, and Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. Any other great products that helped with dryness for anyone I would love to know!


im starting next month. GOOD LUCK. BTW how long did it take for you to get into accutane. My doctor okayed me but i need to wait till next month, i cant wait... but my sister has done it and had more acne then me and her skin is great now.

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Hey Pmejia!

I had to wait the 30 days because of the I-Pledge program. I just went and got my second negative pregnancy test and got the script from my doctor. I dropped it off last night at the pharmacy. From what I have heard from other girls on this forum the I-Pledge program can be a bit of a hassle. Good luck, keep me posted on your results!!

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I don't know if men have to wait the 30 days or not. I would check with your doctor

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Hey there! I started 30mg 5 days ago and already I am looking just SLIGHTLY better. But it's keeping me very positive. I bought all the same products as you (minus the cortibalm) and I have already started them with the hopes of warding off the dryness (or at least keeping it at bay... if that's possible) But I am also using this cream my mom has called "Udderly Smooth" on my hands since I heard so many people have issues with very dry hands. The stuff is amazing. I think it was inititally created for cow udders lol to keep them soft and smooth and from getting chapped after all the milking or whatever, but anyway, the stuff is great. So if you're looking for a good hand cream, I would def check this stuff out. I dont know if they sell it in stores (I think they do though...) but you can def find it online.

Good luck on your jouney!!

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