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Jour Cinq: Incredibly Quick Changes



Today was my fifth day on isotretinoin.

I complained several days ago about having broken out madly, though since, these flareups have completely died down. Now, my skin is very dry, my lips are cracking rather a lot, and I'm breaking out almost not at all. The redness is also beginning to turn from this unruly guard's red to a more washed-out colour. Perhaps worth noting - when I step into the shower, my head becomes suddenly rather itchy. I have yet to find a solution for this.. perhaps a particular sort of conditioner?

That I am not yet a week into the program affirms that I am reacting in a truly significant fashion to the treatment. Of course, whether this means I clear up with equal haste is yet to be seen.

As per the concerns mentioned in my first post, these anxieties have summarily vanished. I have indeed buckled down in my exercise program and without the slightest feelings of fatigue or joint pains; I have dry skin, yes, but easily defeat this - at least for now - with my longstanding favorite moisturizer by Kiehl's; and as I mentioned above, am no longer looking worse than I when I had begun.

It must be said that something peculiar has happened with my attitude, as well... I do not necessarily look better than before I had started, but my gait has certainly lightened. Perhaps the very notion of being without acne has me feeling more confident, is what I thought initially.

I believe, however, having reacted so dramatically has made clear to me just how superficial acne really is. That it can be so thoughtlessly changed makes me smile. Acne really hasn't any bearing on who I am. For those whose acne is ever reluctant, the story is the same - acne, as a rule, is superficial regardless of how persistent it is. Make no mistake, however. I understand how difficult it is to be bright-eyed when ones person is disagreeable to even himself.

PS. If the quickness of the treatment's effects makes you suspect of just how severe my acne is, take a quick look at my profile photograph. You can see the scaring on my face - even in the incredible darkness and distance! It is very severe.


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