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5 Days Until Accutane



I was absolutely terrified when I was waiting for my blood to be taken, my face went pale and the nurse said I didnt look well. But it wasnt that bad after all. I can cope if it means clear skin.

5 more days until I see my derm. I really dont know what to expect, hopefully I would be prescribed accutane as promised. This waiting game on the NHS is absolutely killing me! Over 7 months since Ive been referred and waiting. It has been longer than the course. I just spend all my time reading all these positive experiences and then one negative reviews crushes it all. I must admit Im afraid, afraid of all of these side effects and relapses.

I wonder how bad the IB will be? when would I get clear skin? all these questions just arise.

I wish someone could just guide me through this darkness and bring me to the light of this tunnel and tell me that you will be alright. Hence, I joined this site in the hope not being alone and hearing others' story.


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