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Week 1 - Dryness, Redness & Headache-Ness!



Tonight I will take pill number 6, so almost a week down!

It's kicking in pretty fast that's for sure! The skin around my mouth started drying out by about the 3rd pill, & today I've got this patchy, flaking red look going on that kind of makes me look like the joker from batman with the extra bits on the sides of my mouth! Lol.

So I'm hoping that will calm down soon coz I already have problems with eczema as it is.

How is it possible to have pimples & eczema on the same face?? I do not know!

But I remember from last time that the dryness hit me pretty fast then became manageable after a while.

So here's hoping!

I've also been having headaches pretty much every day since I started sad.png

On the breakout side of things, I've had a few pimples come up on my left cheek & my forehead is quite bumpy but I can't tell if its got anything to do with the Oratane or if I'm just breaking out like normal.

Is anyone else just starting their Oratane course? Get in touch, I'd love to compare journeys!

Until next time!

Nicole smile.png


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Hey I am on 20mg for 6 months. I tried it for 3 months last year but it only lasted about 6 months before my pimples started coming back so I am going to do the whole 6 months this time. Wish I had just done the whole course in the first place my derm said thats the only reason it didn't work! What about you how much/how long are you on for?

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It's the exact same thing just a different name for a different manufacturer! I just googled it & theres about 20 diff names for it! But yup, Oratane is the NZ style haha.

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Hey I am on 20mg for 6 months.

Hey what dose were you on for your last treatment? My derm said anything under 1/2 mg/kg/day is less effective for gaining long term success on Oratane. I just thought I would mention that incase you hadn't been told that before. Good luck with your Oratane treatment

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I was on 20mg, but I had bad enough side effects that unless it's different this time I don't think I'll be put on a higher dose. I'm only 48kg & about 157cm tall so going up to 40mg would be too much for me wouldn't it? I'm really small haha.

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Yeah that's fair enough. I didn't know your weight, so in your case I guess it would be alright. So I am guessing you've got 20 mg tablets like me. The 20 mg tablets would make it near impossible for you to increase your dose, since it would be rather drastic increase in relation to your weight. Hopefully you don't get any significant side effects this time around.

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