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Just A Little Bit Stressed



okay so it's my second day on the break of month 3 on dianette and i am a little bit worried about getting any more soaps.

i mean touch wood so far i am okay but i began to panic when two days ago suddenly i had two spots pop up on my NECK! Neck! why there of all places? I hadn't had a spot there and now i had two! one was little but the other was massive! i am hoping it goes down soon! anyway on my hunt to help my blemishes go down i have now found out about Black Sea Sulpher Soap ! i am praying that this works in keeping my spots away as it does say on the packet to help the treatment of acne amongst other things. Anyway, it's my second day use of that day and night and i haven't reacted against it and that's all i know.

i'm not happy being on this break as i do feel as if a major breakout might happen and in the middle of this heat when my spots already look HIDEOUS i do not want more BUMPS! i am touch wood without any bumps right now but that is how i want it to stay and i truly hope this is the way my skin begins to move forward! i am a bit tired of waiting at times for the spots to go away but i am still hanging in that next month it would like much better...

anyway tomorrow is my doctors appointment where he will give me my next course of tablets what i want though is some sort of topical cream to help speed up the fact that my blemishes are making it look worse than my skin actually is!

here's hoping.


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